vrijdag 8 juli 2011

Me and the boyfriend

After 2 weeks staying at the Boyfriend, it was time to get back  home. During the two weeks I worked at the H&M. This was a really fun experience.I was allowed to open the boxes with the new clothes  and it felt like Christmas. After those two weeks  I went home and I had to unpack my crowded suitcase. What I saw first was that I had too much clothes  for two weeks but also that I had bought  far too many  during the sale. Bye bye money from H&M.But during unloading  my suitcase, I thought about the fun time I had with the Boyfriend during those two weeks. We went shopping in Maastricht, celebrate my BF his 21 birthday....  Those two weeks were really a fun time for me and began to dream of living togheter with the Boyfriend. We are now almost 2 years in love. But then there is the problem I still study and I don't have a lot of money. Maybe we should have our dreams to live together briefly put aside and hope that I graduated very fast. The good news is that I go to the 2nd year of my study ' Gezinswetenschappen' . But I keep on dreaming and hope that I win Euro Millions today !


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